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How to systemize your business to work, so you don't have too…

Learn how to create and implement systems in your business so that you have more time to do things you would rather do and boost your profits.

In this workshop leading Brisbane Business Coach Brad Flynn, will show you how to systemize your business, with the mantra “Systems run the business, your team run the systems and you lead your team”.

Here is an overview of what you will learn...

1.  How to divide up the different areas of your business to begin systemising.

2.  How to map a process to build a system.

3.  How to assign relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to the areas of your business so you can monitor how it is performing.

4.  What are the available and most effective methods to capture your business systems for use by your team.

5.  How to combine all of the material from this workshop so you can begin to systemize your business to work for you.

As a BONUS, all attendees will receive:

1.        The ActionCOACH Systems List, which contains all the possible systems you are likely to require in your business.

2.        Access to additional online material to further complement the workshop information.

These bonus resources are specifically designed to help rapidly implement the information from the workshop and assist you in creating effective business systems to get your time back.

(* Workshops can be tailored in length from 30 minutes to 2 hours to suit your event.) 

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