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 The Top 20 Hiring Mistakes
 Business Owners Make
and how to avoid them...

In this audio program, Brisbane's leading Business

Mentor, Brad Flynn, will share with you the secrets 

to finding the right people for your team to help

take your business to the next level.


Click red circle with the white triangle in it below, to play and listen. 

Here is an overview of what you will learn... 

1. What the Golden Rule of Recruitment is and how to apply it in your business.

2. What type of questions to ask applicants in interviews to make sure you get the best person possible (see below).

3. One simple strategy to make sure you don't waste time reading 100's of CV's or chasing unsuitable applicants. 

4. Hot to position new team members to perform at the level you need right from the get go.

5. Why money is at number 4 on what is most important to the right candidates and how to know what they really want.  


As a FREE bonus to accompany this program, you can download

Brad's List of Interview Questions to help you best predict the

future performance of the candidates when they begin working

in your business.


Just click here to download the interview questions now.


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