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Triad’s Comprehensive List of NETWORKING EVENTS

We believe in the power of a good network and connections should not just be online.  A network that stays online is not much of a network at all.

Just click HERE for a list of events.  Our comprehensive list offers business owners the opportunity to network with others in their area.

Here is a really great article explaining why small businesses still need to network in the local community:

Despite the rise of social networking and the perceived crumbling of face-to-face interaction it has caused, community is not dead. I have always been very passionate about local small business, but when I talk about real life networking within my community, I often get a few raised eyebrows. After all, I run an internet-based business – it isn’t like we get a lot of walk-in traffic! But establishing roots in your local community, regardless of what type of a business you run, is absolutely vital to your continued success. These relationships can help lead to partnerships and, though the internet has made it easier to market, word of mouth in the flesh is still invaluable to brand recognition.  Read the full article HERE

If you have an event you would like to add to our networking list, please email us.

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We also want to introduce you to our brand new team website:  www.ActionCOACH.com/CoachHauser

You can learn more about us and our upcoming events on our website.


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