Great teams must begin with great leaders.  Together the teams have to create a business strategy that has their company goals in mind.  Here are 4 key factors when dealing with team management.  Remember that the process of communication is a huge part of all these factors.  

Successful teams are a result of successful leadership.


Team leaders must focus on building trust.  Get the team members to expose their weaknesses (and strengths) to one another.  Consider doing this using team building exercises.  


Results can only come from commitment from the team as a whole.  This means they have to be in agreement to all specifics within their action plans.  The team will only succeed if all members are committed together.  Leaders will often need to initiate this commitment.


Team members must hold each other accountable.  Be prepared to check among each other in regards to progress of a plan.  This especially helps when needing to overcome obstacles by problem solving as a team. Leaders must create a way to successfully hold each member accountable.  


The team as a whole must stay in constant focus.  The mission must be accepted by all team members. Critical goals must be a collective team responsibility.  Leaders will need to lead their teams with focus strategies to stay on course.  


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