Part of being an effective manager is knowing how to manage your time.  Do you have time daily to support your team when they need it?  Can you balance and prioritize tasks so if something urgent comes up, things can be moved around?

Here are some time management tips that might help:

Have a system in place for email.  If you are like most professionals, you probably get hundreds of emails a week.  Try one of these methods: A) Create a folder labeled IMPORTANT, a folder labeled READ LATER, and a folder labeled REFERENCE. Move incoming email into those 3 folders as you get them, and go through the folders later when you have time.  B) Set aside time in the morning (30 minutes to 1 hour) AND time in the evening (30 minutes to 1 hour) to go through all your emails for that day.

Give yourself a specific time to get things done.  If you can detach yourself from your team for just 1 hour a day (a time where everyone knows you’re unavailable), take that hour to get all your necessary tasks done.  You’d be surprised how much you can get done in an hour when you’re cut off from everyone and everything else.

Have Focused Meetings.  Have fewer ineffective meetings and gain more time actually doing work.  Prepare a meeting agenda and email it to all the attendees in advance.  That way everyone can prepare and make the most of the meeting time together.

Exercise.  Put your physical and mental health first.  Giving yourself just 30 minutes in the morning before work (to run, bike, or walk) is a great way to clear your head for the day AND be more productive.


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