Coach Mary Ann Hauser

BusinessRICH is an intensive business boot camp where you will re-learn the keys to building a highly successful business model. There is no magic ‘silver bullet’ to make your business achieve goals. There is, however, a proven process that guarantees increased profit and results in more freedom.

Is it unreasonable to assume you are ready to transition from being SELF-EMPLOYED to serving the role of a BUSINESS OWNER?

This is not just theory- this workshop covers hands-on, hard-hitting, and PROVEN business re-education that is ACTIONABLE and absolutely works. You will learn what they teach in business school, and you will also learn what they don’t teach you in business school…how to IMPLEMENT change and strategy into your business.

Participants Walk Away With:

  • The fundamental 6 steps to building a business – Learn how to move from working “IN” your business to having the life you have dreamed of
  • Strategies to create an unlimited marketing budget – Discover the 187 + strategies we have for increasing your leads and your profits
  • The “know how” to build and fortify a solid position in your market niche
  • The tools for attracting and developing the best people for your team
  • The ability to generate extraordinary results from ordinary people
  • Strategies to eliminate price competition
  • A plan with proven time management strategies
  • Strategies to grow your customer base your competition wish they knew!
  • The secret to simplifying your financials
  • An action-driven business plan
  • Knowing how to manage cash flow to accelerate growth
  • The opportunity to network and learn from other business owners

Our next BusinessRICH event:   August 24 & 25


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