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Succession Plan March 7th, 2013


We Cordially Invite You to a Private Success Planning Breakfast

What is the value of your business? Most owners either don’t know or make a best guess, neither of which will get your business sold for what it is really worth. A Succession Plan is the instruction manual that not only operates your business decisions, but your life decisions as well. Utilizing the advice of key players in your life that will help you build, maintain and enjoy the lifestyle you have been waiting a lifetime to achieve. If you have the time to sit down and think about this, it’s probably too late, odds are you are too busy and that is why right now is the perfect time to begin!

· Is Your Business Worth What You Think?

· Don’t let a Technicality Steal Your Dream!

· You Worked Hard to Build it, Make it Last!


 · Worry or Wealth - Which would you Prefer?

· Today is Not Too Soon to Start Planning

· The Time to Increase Your Profits is NOW!


 A MUST Attend Event for Any Business Owner 

Event Details

Thursday, March 7th, 2013
7:30am - 9:00am 


 111 North Post Oak Lane
Houston, TX 77024

Breakfast Included
RSVP by March 1 - Limited to First 30 Reservations!


 Featured Presenters:

 Business / Executive Coach
Doug Winnie, Owner

Valuations / Investment Banking 
Jack Kearney, Managing Director
BDO Capital Advisors

Gus Bourgeois, Shareholder

 Certified Public Accountant
Dennis Long, CPA
Hill Long & Company

 Business / Transition Specialist

Arturo G. Lopez
AGL Holdings


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