Ever find yourself focusing on what you offer instead of why you offer it?

It’s such a simple question: Why? When we were kids, we asked this incessantly—and inaudibly every year going forward. Our subconscious mind never stops asking why people act the way they do, why circumstances occur, why some business succeed while others fail.

Most of the time we don’t even realize that we’re asking why. Consider the typical retail ad:

“We’ve got athletic shoes with a built-in activity tracker that will help you record your mileage, pulse, and speed during aerobic workouts.”

Great, it’s a smart shoe. So? Our subconscious tries to answer, “Why should I buy this?” No answer, no sale. Try this on for size instead:

“You are part of the Information Age. Shouldn’t your shoes be too? Join us. We’re miles ahead.”

Better? Here’s why:

1) The main focus of the ad is on the consumer, not the product.

2) The consumer is identified as being informed.

3) The retailer is identified as being informative.

4) A perfect match is realized and the sale occurs.

When sales are made from that ad copy, the consumers aren’t actually buying shoes. They are buying the belief that they are informed and forward-thinking athletes. They know why you are selling the product, and they can relate.

Know who your audience is. Know what your business is. Know why your company exists. That “why factor” is the relationship between your company and your consumers.

If you try to succeed in business without a why, you won’t. Successful marketing requires a conscious effort to communicate that “why message” to the unconscious mind.

This is exactly why your why shouldn’t be limited to one ad or marketing campaign. Your why is your all-encompassing, omni-present message. When that message is clear and cohesive across the board—from the back office to the store front, online and offline—only then will you have a strong brand and a loyal customer base.

Want help discovering your why? Let’s talk. There’s a reason entire careers are dedicated to coaching, marketing, or advertising. We don’t expect you to be a pro at all of them, because we aren’t either.

You are a specialist in your field, and you are short on time. We fill our time specializing in something that you don’t. Perfect match.