Have you ever wished there was a secret formula for making big changes happen in your business?

Well, put your apron on, because we’re about to whip up a batch of change that will knock your socks off.

First, let’s look at the formula:

(D x V x U) + (F x S) = R

It looks only slightly intimidating, and here’s what it means:

Dissatisfaction x Vision x Urgency + First Steps x Support = Results

Second, let’s break the formula into its separate elements to really understand its power:


You’re not happy. Your customers aren’t happy. Bottom line—somebody important is unhappy with your company.


You or a team member have a vision, one that is filled with enough passion to ignite a spark with the rest of the team. And hey, it should also strike a chord with your customer base (a little beta testing will reveal if you’ve got a good vision).


When do you want change? Yesterday. Why do you want it? Because it affects your bottom line, your brand, and the livelihood of your company and everyone in it. If you want to bring about change, you need to adopt a “do or die” mentality. That’s how stuff gets done.

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First Steps

Quite complaining and stop dreaming. Make it happen! Enact a step by step plan or find someone who can (like ActionCOACH—shameless plug!). Commit to following this plan and be willing to adjust it as you go. (Because it WILL change.)


We aren’t talking arch support here. You might require additional financial support, or you might need to grow your team. Making finding the right support the first step of your action plan.


Heck yeah, you’ll get results, but are they the ones you wanted? Every action and inaction you take gets some sort of result. If you’re looking for a specific result (and a good one, we might add), you absolutely must strategize your plan. Don’t plan for the sake of planning. Plan for success.

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