How do you keep your company’s blog fresh and interesting?

I’ll answer this question in a roundabout way.

I recently heard a speaker say that if you are truly professional at what you do, writing something of value (i.e. fresh and interesting) every day is simple.

I immediately thought, how many of us are truly Professional Entrepreneurs who know exactly what our business is even about to begin with?

One of the things we do is business plans. At a typical planning boot camp (called Ascend, and if you haven’t attended, you are missing out!) we learn that few if any of the attendees have ever had the opportunity to “craft” their business.

By that I mean, what do they sell, how do they manage customers, what pricing model are they using, how do they ensure a consistent experience for them, and how do they position themselves in the marketplace.

This is super interesting to us for a couple of reasons:

  1. If you haven’t thought through how you are going to manage your business and your customer experience, who in your business has done so?
  2. And, if you haven’t yet thought through your business from “soup to nuts” as they say, what the hell are you waiting for?

Back to the question – if you haven’t thought through what your company is actually about, it becomes a big challenge to keep your content fresh.

That being said, here are four ways to keep your company’s blog fresh and interesting:

  1. Keep up on your professional trade journals – save your readers time by digesting key new developments in the market and in your trade specifically. This will also have the added benefit of keeping you up to date on your industry as well.
  1. Attend industry events. Make a list of what you learn, digest them in a way that is easy for your readers to understand, and share them with your audience. Once again, this is thoughtful on your behalf to save the readers work!
  1. Put your own spin on the industry. If you are the person putting new ideas and commentary out in the market regarding what your industry, or specific business, can do to provide value to your readers’ businesses, then you will become a thought leader in your market. And it doesn’t even matter if your ideas are “good.”
  1. During your 90-day planning day for your business – you do have one of those, right? – take 10 minutes and just brainstorm blog topics. You can go back and write the actual blogs later, but at least do a little thought exercise to get you started once per quarter.

So, there are 4 easy ways to keep the creative juices flowing for your blog. They each have the side effect of making you more effective as a business owner as well!

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