“If the thought of selling all day makes your stomach queasy, then you’ll need a tablespoon of this. Suck it up, and sell. A lot.” –Darren Hardy, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

There are no two ways about this one – your business will fail unless you sell something. And I mean YOU, personally. Whether that is an idea, a widget, or a service, you gotta be selling – all day, every day.

Does that make you feel energized and passionate?

I had a lot of head trash about selling when I started my business. My career had been built in operations and for the most part I saw sales people as the opposition. They seemed to be totally whiny, lazy, always giving in to customers, and generally pains in my ass.

But I wasn’t making any money, and I decided maybe that wasn’t the ideal way to run a business. I figured I better change my beliefs if I was going to have any success selling. Or I would become a failed business statistic.

Advice from a coach

I asked my coach, Steve, to help. I found out my beliefs were really based on nothing but the crap other people said about sales. That was kind of embarrassing. As we worked on “why” I believed “what” I believed, it pretty much came down to the fact that someone had said I should not like salespeople. And I bought that idea.

Noodle that one for a minute – I had head trash around selling because I “bought” the idea that sales people were unprofessional pains in the ass. How stupid was that?

The biggest lesson I had to learn was to truly, 100% sell myself on what we do. I believe in coaching and have been paying a coach for 9 years, so that wasn’t the problem. But I did have a little bit of doubt about whether I could really get the results that other coaches were getting. That doubt was keeping me from asking for the sale correctly and closing ANY business.

It worked

Once I got rid of that doubt, I was off to the races. Now I do sell my ass off. All the time. To everyone. There is no doubt that what we do makes a dramatic difference in people’s lives and businesses so that they can live an amazing life. Financially, physically, time efficiency, all of it. We help clients hit home runs, through running their businesses, every day.

Have you totally bought what you sell? Because selling your a$$ off is the most important activity you will do for your business.

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