4 Ways to Become an Attractive Employer

There is generally one thing in the way of businesses that are having trouble hiring these days.
You’re just not that attractive a place to work.
I can hear it already. “But we have great pay and benefits, and we keep making them better all the time!” Let’s think through that a minute, shall we? If […]

What is a Learning Organization?

My mind is continually blown by one simple mental model that executives and entrepreneurs seem to live by.
“We know all we need to know.”
It seems like the bigger the company, the more prevalent this model is. The more the executives start to see themselves as somehow above the fray. That their problems are insoluble […]

What to do when you’ve behaved badly

Well, it happens. You behaved badly. You screwed up. Poked the pooch. Botched, bungled, flubbed, muddled, bollixed, mishandled, muffed, floundered, butchered or mishandled something you were supposed to do for a customer.
Now what?
Here are four things to do to try to recover from the situation, and save the relationship with the client.

Take responsibility. We […]

Sell Your A$$ Off

“If the thought of selling all day makes your stomach queasy, then you’ll need a tablespoon of this. Suck it up, and sell. A lot.” –Darren Hardy, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

There are no two ways about this one – your business will fail unless you sell something. And I mean YOU, personally. Whether that […]

Stop Making Buggy Whips out of Children

We all know the fate of buggy whip manufacturers. Because there are none left.

We would all likely be skeptical of someone who says they are going to build a large-scale buggy whip manufacturing facility. Because there is no need for large quantities of buggy whips.

Yet we most likely sent all our school-aged children to […]

How to Keep Your Company’s Blog Fresh and Interesting

How do you keep your company’s blog fresh and interesting?

I’ll answer this question in a roundabout way.

I recently heard a speaker say that if you are truly professional at what you do, writing something of value (i.e. fresh and interesting) every day is simple.

I immediately thought, how many of us are truly Professional Entrepreneurs […]

Three Ways to Fail at Listening

Well, we all hear that we should be active listeners. We probably all know that we could get better at listening in general. We’ve all probably heard the things we need to do to be a better listener.

We believe you already know what you need to know mixed in with all the other stuff […]

Somehow we left our box “Down By The River”*

Remember the huge cardboard boxes appliances came in?

As soon as that box was emptied, it became a place where your creativity blossomed, your imagination flourished, and where that cardboard box was turned into everything from a mansion to a space ship.

That box could transport you to another dimension or safely carry you across raging […]

The Myth of the Side Hustle

The side-hustle headlines:
“9 Reasons You Need to Start a Side Hustle” – youngadultmoney.com

“15 Side Hustles for Introverts” – youngadultmoney.com

“The Perfect Side Hustle for Introverts” – pinterest.com (Really?)

“Side Hustles for Shy People” – forum.mrmoneymustache.com

Do you feel like you’re missing out? Why are there only “side” hustles and not just hustles?

Well, first of all, the side […]

Six Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture

Learn the rules for creating a positive work culture

Don’t be a jerk. Or be one consistently.*
Don’t hire jerks. Seriously.
Don’t keep jerks on your team.
Don’t have jerks as customers.
Don’t have jerks as suppliers.
Don’t let jerks make your rules.

I am amazed by the gibberish that is out in the world about how to create a positive […]