Business Coaching is Booming!

Now a $2 Billion industry and showing no signs of slowing down.

ActionCOACH, the brand that started it all, is the largest and most successful business coaching franchise in the world.

Build a Business You Love.

Today, more than ever before, the world needs people who love what they do.

It’s time to make the most of your future, do work on your own terms. ActionCOACH gives you the opportunity to build a professional services Business Coaching Firm which operates in exclusive territory or territories, with unlimited growth potential or your can choose to start a single practice. Either way, you will build a business that not only serves your personal needs, it will give back to the community you love.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be scary. We make business ownership simple, affordable and attainable.

Invest in the Booming Business Coaching Industry

Leverage your passion and experience building businesses to invest in and build a Business Coaching Firm employing dozens of business coaches and serving hundreds or even thousands of clients in your local community. 

Become an Business Coach Yourself

Leverage your desire to help others and become a business coach with the world’s best.  Either as a self-employed coach owning one of our Practice franchises or as an employee business coach working for one of our Firm Owners.

ActionCOACH can help you build a business coaching quickly with our ready-made business franchise We train you, support you and provide you strategies, processes, systems and collateral that has been proven and tested for more than 27 years.

You can own a business on your own, but you will never be alone as a member of a community of nearly 1,000 like-minded peers ready to support you at every turn.

With all the complications the COVID 19 pandemic has put on small business, those owners need advocates, counselors and professional who can help them salvage their dreams and continue to thrive.  Business coaching services have never been in more demand and you can start your own business while giving back to segment of the economy that needs you so desperately.

Fill out the short form on this page and our franchise experts will walk you through the process.

Build a Business Coaching Firm or Become an independent, certified Business Coach

As an ActionCOACH Firm Owner or as an Independent Business Coach, you will help other entrepreneurs and business owners in your community grow, create jobs, and build a stronger economic picture in your hometown


Be a Business Coaching Firm Owner or Independent Business Coach and Change Lives.

“Working with a partner who is the leader in the industry means you are already headed in the right direction.”


Build the ActionCOACH franchise that suits your business goals

The COACH or Employee Business Coach

Extraordinary individuals changing the lives of business people every day as their own boss or as part of a larger team dedicated to the ActionCOACH vision.

The FIRM/Senior Franchise Partner

Builds and develops a team of professional coaches, while owning a tangible business asset that increases in value over time.

Exclusive territory with unlimited growth options

The Master Licensee (ML)

A visionary leader in a country, state or region who brings ActionCOACH® to the marketplace and uses its proprietary proven systems to improve lives and communities


Why invest in a


“Some studies show that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent as compared to only about 15 percent for businesses that are started from the ground up”. Entrepreneur Magazine

Working with an experience and proven franchise partner makes owning a business easier. We have created all the processes and systems you need to be successful from day one.

ActionCOACH Franchise


ActionCOACH is the leader in the Business Coaching industry. With more than 1,000 coaches in 70+ countries, ActionCOACH continues to be the innovator making business coaching a mainstream business essential.  With 27 years of experience ActionCOACH works with more than 18,000 businesses weekly changing lives, improving economies and making a difference in their communities spreading the vision of “World Abundance through Business Re-education”.



Our franchise partners are offered in-depth induction training, regular webinars and training sessions, annual conferences and education roundtables to ensure they are prepared to run their business. In addition, help you launch your business with tools, technology and marketing assets designed to help you get and keep clients. As a partner you also get the support of thousands of like-minded professionals who share their experiences and expertise with you.

We are dedicated to helping business of all sizes survive and thrive

“We don’t just change the lives of our franchise partners, we change the lives of hundreds of thousands of business owners who then spread our vision of abundance to their employees, families and beyond.”

Why choose ActionCOACH

Buying a franchise is a great way to reduce risk in business ownership as you will be buying proven systems and support network to help you succeed. If you are the type of person who gets a buzz from helping others succeed, loves learning and developing yourself and have enjoyed success in your career or sport, this is the fastest route to freedom and fulfilment that any franchise partner can enjoy.

In August -September 2021 ActionCOACH asked independent research agency WORKBUZZ to conduct their Annual Client Satisfaction Survey to ensure they continue to raise their standards of customer service. Once again, ActionCOACH scored a  ‘world-class’ status. Here are the details of these results.


of clients would recommend ActionCOACH to a friend or business associate


of clients agree that ActionCOACH has a powerful suite of business solutions


of clients said ActionCOACH is worth the investment


of clients that have used ActionCOACH agreed that they had a better word:life balance


stated that since working with ActionCOACH their revenue has increased


of clients said their Action COACH makes a positive difference to their business

World class levels of client advocacy –



How ActionCOACH compares against other industry leaders:

Brands with an NPS score of


  • Airbnb (43)
  • AT&T TV (40)
Brands with an NPS score of


  • DHL (54)
  • Apple (60)
Brands with an NPS score of


  • Alaska Airlines (71)
  • ActionCOACH (80)
NICE Satmetrix; US Consumer 2021 Net Promoter Benchmarks. Note: NPS scores of industry leaders provided by NICE Satmetrix, ActionCOACH Client Advocacy Score provided by WorkBuzz

Participating Independent Coaches in the United States.  View additional survey results.

If I allow people to be just okay, or to be mediocre – then what I am saying is I want a company that is just okay. Anyone who knows me will tell you that is not what I am about. Bradley J Sugars Thought Leader / Wealth Coach / Founder, ActionCOACH