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We engaged the services of George Koritsa and ActionCOACH in February 2010, when it became apparent that we were having a number of normal business challenges that needed to be addressed. I welcomed the relationship that developed which made me accountable to somebody who genuinely cared about the growth and success of our business.


We had been in a position of having a profitable and growing Company, but lacked the systems and guidance to take us to the next level. Some key things we gained from engaging Action Coach included –


  • Cash Flow forecasting techniques
  • Setting of budgets
  • KPI creation and measuring
  • How to identify staff strengths and weaknesses and to ensure the right staff were on the team
  • Marketing strategies
  • Goal setting and utilising action plans
  • How to identify fix costs, and reduce them where possible
  • How to read and understand a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss


During our journey with Action Coach we experienced some difficult external problems such as business lending, and we were assisted and guided through this with experience and professionalism.


In May 2011, we were in a fantastic position of selling our business via acquisition to a large national company. I do not believe we would have realised this wonderful outcome without the assistance and guidance from George.


In summary I would highly recommend George and Action Coach for any business. I believe that the weekly interactions were critical for us, and the cost of this service well and truly paid for itself. This service could be invaluable, even in a circumstance where your business is tracking well, these systems could provide you with the edge!


Yours Sincerely,


Ben Shadgett

Managing Director


George Koritsa from Action Coach has been my business coach for over 18 months. George has helped me to systemise my existing business, establish a second business and to create a more balanced lifestyle. Action Coach is a company with a strong culture and they provide a range of business tools and tips which have proven to be invaluable. I have now attended a number of  the workshops and presentation put on by Action Coach and this has really given me a chance to focus on working on the business and to critically analyse all aspects of each of my companies. George has kept me accountable and focused on set goals as well helping me to create a more defined path for my future. The planning and goal setting have been key factors in the success of both companies that I run as well as my own personal success. George has also been incredibly helpful and encouraging when things don’t quite go to plan which gives me a great deal of confidence when tackling some of the more difficult issues that arise. I have no hesitation in recommending George as a Business Coach providing you have an open mind and are prepared to implement change in different areas of your business.

Dr Travis How

EBS Ecology and Restoration.

I, Steve Burgess, from Bridge Windscreens was a client of George Koritsa for 12 months in 2009/2010. During this time, I found George to be professional, diligent and concerned for myself and my business’s health and wellbeing at all times. He had a substantial impact on improving myself and my business by providing me with the tools and knowhow to overcome a lot of problems that cropped up during this time.

My business and I took some very important strides to becoming better entities especially in the area of work/life balance.

I like the Action Coach model and believe it to be a valuable tool for any business and George is a very good proponent of this model.

I would recommend the Action Coach model and George Koritsa to anyone.


George has worked with us for the best part of a year. In this time I have learned the importance of setting goals and writing them down, this is very important. I feel more organized, work less hours and my bottom line looks a lot better. Coaching really helps.



David Vidler

Seaside Automotive


Working with George Koritsa, my action coach, has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has helped me really understand the fundamentals for my business.  The global financial crisis was hitting us hard, but with George's help we have survived and are currently developing new business opportunities.  It was great attending the many training sessions to be able to discuss issues with like minded business owners and managers.  I can highly reccommend the process to anyone wanting to take thier business to the next level.


Nick Maslen

Managing Director

Domax Engineering Co. Pty. Ltd.

Thank you George, 

You opened our eyes to a better way of working.  We set time aside to work ON our business now rather than in it.

Brian McArdle
McArdle Frieght 

We started working toghether and saw results after just 4 weeks.

Bill & Fay Fischer
WG & FL Fischer.

George has improved my profitability by $122,500 by just using one of his many strategies. Coaching is worth more than the investment involved.

Ursula Notari
Adelaide Hills Natural Health Centre

After just 6 weeks of coaching with George, my Franchise Manager wants to know how I went from the lowest franchise that was ready to shut my doors, to the state's leader and banking the highest month ever in 5 years in Business.

Bill Wilson 
Tint a Car Holden Hill

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