What about a health check-up for your business? Is that topic a priority for you as a business owner? If not, it should be

As a business coach for 15 years, I have seen how little things can get big results.  Just this week a client shared her proud achievement of 70% growth in her business last year. Yes, a very cool ‘wow’ moment and yet she asked… “How did that happen?”

At ActionCOACH we use these four steps as we work with business owners…

  • Awareness…  We ask questions so you are better aware of what’s up in your business.
  • Education…  We provide books, videos and training to help you grow and learn.
  • Implementation…  We help you with a plan of action and a timeline for implementation.
  • Discipline…  We provide accountability so you learn the discipline required to move smarter and faster.

For my client, she followed these four steps and, as a part of that process, she learned the importance of focusing on the little things.  The result, an amazing 70% growth for her business in 2016 – GREAT job Amy!

Do you know the little things in your business?

If not, take our online Business Health Check to gain invaluable insight to your business.  You will get a free report. Plus, if you are looking for help with your newfound info, I can point you in the right direction.

Remember, the little things can make a BIG difference!

S. David Drewelow, Head Coach

“Changed thinking equals changed results!”