Are you having difficulty marketing your small business due to limited funds? Look no further. ActionCOACH can help you develop an effective marketing plan that is simple and straightforward.

Social Media

Create a Facebook page or a Twitter account. This is perhaps the best way to sell your products as it is free and convenient. Ask your customers which social network they use and connect with them online. Put a video about your products on YouTube.


Give your customers regular updates and information about your business and products through emails. Create an email list that has your regular customers’ email addresses. Send them a monthly email newsletter.

Referral Program

To all of your existing customers, offer some kind of reward, such as a free product, for referring your business to others.

Form a Partnership

Search for businesses related to your industry and come up with a joint project. This will help you get noticed as it extends your reach.

Host an Event

Plan an educational or and information event. Promote it through all of the mediums you use. This will help raise awareness about your business. Plan a workshop or join your local chamber of commerce. Participate in a trade show. Participate in a charitable event and give your firm’s products for charily.

Engage With Customers directly

Talk to you customers for feedback. Ask them what kind of product or service they expect from you and how can you improve your business.

Business Cards

Jazz up your business card and give them to every customer you meet. Make sure the business card contains updated information about your firm.

While selling your business is critical to attract customers, always remember to focus on product and service quality. This can be achieved by providing your target audience with something unique that caters to their needs.

Small business owners should make sure they formulate an effective marketing plan that sets them apart from others. This might be difficult due to the various challenges that they face, but it is not impossible.

To determine the effectiveness of your marketing, we offer a free Business Marketing Test to help you evaluate what you are currently doing. Remember, marketing can be an investment when it provides a good return We suggest that you test and measure each of your strategies so you can track your results.

These simple strategies can play a key role as you look to finish 2017 strong and then jump start the new year.