All I Want for Christmas…

This week I heard a song that resurrected a memory of something I wanted very badly as a 5-year old in December of 1959.  Yes, I am old enough to remember that far back! 

I was riding with my Aunt Ethel and I was a very unhappy kindergartner who had just left the dentist without my […]

Looking for Simple Marketing Ideas?

Are you having difficulty marketing your small business due to limited funds? Look no further. ActionCOACH can help you develop an effective marketing plan that is simple and straightforward.
Social Media
Create a Facebook page or a Twitter account. This is perhaps the best way to sell your products as it is free and convenient. Ask […]

Had a Business Health Check Lately?

What about a health check-up for your business? Is that topic a priority for you as a business owner? If not, it should be

As a business coach for 15 years, I have seen how little things can get big results.  Just this week a client shared her proud achievement of 70% growth in her […]