Our Business Models

Senior Partner – Firm Owner

This is a multi-coach business model.  It provides a designated number of counties in protected area/market within the Heartland territory.  Your license fee is based on the number of businesses in your designated area.  You can hire an unlimited number of coaches to work both part-time and full-time within your Firm who can provide business development and coaching services.  As a senior partner, your primary office is located within your defined market area. Generally, the senior partner provides limited coaching services with a focus on growing the coaches and their client base with the Firm.

Partner – Practice Owner

This is single-coach business model.  It offers both a solid business and a great work-from-home lifestyle with a lower overhead. It provides an opportunity for those with an executive leadership or business ownership background to directly transfer the skills they have developed over their careers into the development of a business coaching practice where the value provided to clients is amplified by the ActionCOACH tools and systems.  With this license you can work with clients anywhere within the Heartland Territory, but the majority of your clients will be within a 25-mile radius of your market.

Business Coach

This is a contractor position working within the practice of a senior partner in a designated market area.  Ideally, for people who want to be a certified ActionCOACH business coach but do not have the desire or ability to invest as a franchise partner.  Your senior partner provides local and online training and you invest in your 5-day certification training at our Global Training Center in Las Vegas.  In this position, you have a revenue share agreement with your senior partner.

Business Developer

This is an entry-level contractor position where your primary function is business development and sales.  This is ideal for people who may want to become a certified ActionCOACH business coach down the road, but wish to focus in one area to help them learn more before making a longer term commitment. You operate within the practice of a either a partner or senior partner in a designated market area.  With this opportunity, there is no investment required, you are provided local training.  In this position, you have a revenue share agreement with your partner.