Who is ActionCOACH?

Effectively, we have become one of the fastest growing global business franchises operating over 1,000 offices in 80 countries.


ActionCOACH Conference – Memphis, TN

Given the growth potential of the business coaching category, one of the questions most asked of ActionCOACH is ‘what is the difference between coaching and consulting?’

Coaching is an interactive process between the coach and the client.

The relationship is much like a teacher, who won’t just give you the answers, but will help you figure them out on your own; or, the way a football coach doesn’t play the game for you but helps you to sharpen your skills. An ActionCOACH will lead business owners on a path to reaching their own solutions versus simply telling them what they are doing wrong. The latter could lead to them making the same mistakes over again, rather than the methodologies behind solving their problems.


Running a business can be easy. And profitable. It’s also one of the best ways to generate the cash flow and profits that lead to a great lifestyle for you and your family.

Our simple and systemized approach to a business franchise has benefited business owners around the world with more time, better teams within their companies, and most importantly, more money.


Andy O’Brien, franchise partner in Mason City, IA (click photo for interview).

Every business owner goes into business with the idea that owning his own company will give him more freedom, a great income, and a genuine opportunity to better serve his market. While this is true, the entrepreneurial world, like the corporate world, is becoming increasingly competitive with changing technologies constantly elevating the game.

The best way to combat this trend is to gain as much knowledge as you can, and as quickly as possible. Then, begin applying it directly to your actions today. When you do this effectively and consistently, the results will return to you many times over. This is the philosophy we at ActionCOACH have adopted into our business franchise. And we have proven our success continually, for over 20 years.

In other words, a consultant will explain why one car is better than another,  teach you how to drive the car, and might even drive the car for you.

A coach, on the other hand, will show you why a car is important, help you discover why you have trouble driving it, and sit in the passenger’s seat next to you while you drive, helping you along the way, until you are able to drive the car by yourself without crashing.


An ActionCOACH business coach focuses on “Time, Team and Money” and, over the years, these factors are the main issues the majority of business owners have wanted and needed to improve.


ActionCOACH was a pioneer, in the early ’90’s, in the development of the concept of business coaching, as it is widely known today. Nearly two decades later, ActionCOACH leads the business coaching industry and is the largest business coaching firm in the world and continues on our fast track for growth.

We attribute this phenomenal growth two ways: 1) our results for business owners, and 2) the increased awareness of our business franchise model around the world. The success of our franchise partners is directly relational to the success of our franchise.


There has never been a better time to discover why you should be a part of our growing success.

Our vision…  “World Abundance through Business Re-Education”

We strive to support this vision by doing a number of things:

  • We always work in “co-opetition” with all those who believe they are in competition with us.

  • We practice “edutainment,” educating ourselves, our clients, and those we work with, while we entertain them and create a fun learning environment.

  • We employ world-class marketing and business development techniques to educate our clients.

 ActionCOACH is a team of committed, positive, and successful people who are always striving toward balance, integration, and honesty. We work within our 14 Points of Culture to ensure that everyone who works with the ActionCOACH team will benefit greatly, and in some way, they will move closer to becoming the people they want to be and achieve the goals they want to achieve.


ActionCOACH Conference – San Diego, CA

ActionCOACH clients, regardless of the size of their businesses, inherit a true desire for our guidance in achieving their goals. Further, they sense our commitment to them and seem to instinctively return their commitment to ActionCOACH. They become forward-thinking, willing to learn and grow, and willing to work as a team in the development of their organization.

Our clients are selected based on attitude rather than size, and they choose us because we understand people are important, systems should run a company, and we offer the most practical, most applicable, and fastest strategies for growth. Most importantly, our clients love us because we mean what we say and say what we mean.

In a nutshell, we give people back their spirit and freedom as we help them to systemize and grow their business.

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