Business Valuation

Understand the current market value of your business AND several options to optimize its value in the future.


  • System has been proven in over 20 million valuations
  • A 25 page personalized business valuation report
  • 4 different valuation estimates for the business as it is today
  • A minimum of 3 scenarios of how to increase your business value
  • 1-2 Hour briefing on how the increased valuation could be achieved

Why a Business Valuation is Right for You?

Knowing your business value is essential when you are applying for more capital whether it be loans or lines of credit. An ActionCOACH Business Coach will provide you with a minimum of 3 scenarios of how you can increase your business' market value AND provide the guidance of how to achieve these greater market values.


On-going clients will receive recurring updates on a quarterly or annual basis depending on your request. An ActionCOACH Business Coach will help you understand the critical drivers that directly impact the building of your business’ market value and how much impact each of the critical drivers has on your business.


Our pricing is approximately 50% of those typically available in the marketplace, which provides you with the greatest value for a 3rd party perspective. Knowing your business value is one of the key "Scorecards" in terms of the progress you are making in the building of your business, your net worth and your retirement potential. Understanding the progress you are making in increasing value of the asset you are building can provide more incentive to keep building and result in more focus upon building the market value of your business.


"Every time I get excited about growing part of my business, ActionCOACH shows me other parts I can also grow! Coaching has been TRANSFORMATIONAL to my business, career, and LIFE! I am truly grateful for ActionCOACH as they have put the dream back in dream job."

- Reji Laberje, Owner - Reji Laberje Author Programs

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