Allison Dunn
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From growing up in a family business, managing an architectural firm for 8 years, and being owner of an engineering firm for 10 years, ActionCOACH Allison Dunn is well-rounded, and a very personable, passionate coach. Allison feels as if she becomes apart of each of her client's teams and she love showing people the way. She is a big believer in constant implementation of acquired skills and strategies. "Don't work harder, work smarter," is something she lives by. Some of her favorite things she loves about being an ActionCOACH are, 1) Having a large community to be part of and 2) Having hundreds of business coaches and more information at just a touch of a finger. Anyone can reach out via email, social media groups or forums to ask a question. She is able to bond with her clients and other coaches all around the world.

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