Executive Coaching

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Executive coaching is a formal engagement in which a qualified coach works with an organizational leader in a series or dynamic, confidential sessions designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness, both for the individual and the organization.

Our executive coaching methodologies engage our clients with experiential self-learning.


Executive Coaching in the Workplace

Utilizing evidence based coaching, active and appreciative inquiry techniques our coaches pursue high performance and challenge workplace behaviors and perceptions. Understanding that resourceful 'thought leadership' underpins resourceful leadership skills and execution.

Executive coaching can be individual and may address specifics such as:

  • The individuals leadership or management development
  • Working through management culture issues
  • Addressing behavioral or perceptual issues
  • Improving communication
  • Considering career development
  • New job performance or job transition
  • Team motivation and execution

On top of workplace issues and challenges we respect that executives and managers often occupy a lonely place in the organization. As a manager or leader they are expected to know everything, have all the answers, be on top of everything that is occurring in the organisation, and to pre-empt any un-foreseen activity or situations that threaten or challenge the organization.


They work hard, often putting in extremely long hours that others don't see. They are always on call and often live on very little sleep. The ability to cope with workplace issues is perceived as a required skill of the executive, however the physical and energy demands are often undiscussed and hidden issues. Executive coaching works on restoring you to your full capability, allowing you to perform at work and manage the demands on your energy.



"It's valuable to have my coach hold me accountable. I have set goals for myself, and I know my coach is going to ask me how I'm doing towards achieving them."

- Lori McDonald, President & CEO - Brilliance Business Solutions



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