Frequently Asked Questions

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What size can I grow this franchise to?

  • It's your choice!
  • Simple, single person franchise where you can make a great living and have time flexibility.
  • Build a multi-coach Practice or Firm and have a serious cash flow asset you can sell.

How solid is the training?

  • Valuable pre-training program
  • Certification training led by top-performing franchisees
  • Significant on-going training to continuously grow your business wisdom

Where do I turn to when I have questions?

  • ActionCOACH framework of 3500 business tools, systems & solutions
  • Master Licensee office and local franchisees
  • Global Team of certified coaches

What if I do not have experience in a particular industry?

  • 70-90% of the value provided to clients comes from the ActionCOACH framework of Tools & Solutions…and tapping into the team of 1000 coaches worldwide when needed.

How long does it take to ramp up the business?

  • Create ramp up plan prior to certification training
  • Marketing strategies and materials are pre-designed by ActionCOACH and pre-proven by existing franchisees.
  • Can start marketing while in training and start selling the services day 1 after certification training.

Do I need an office to start?

  • Many start from a Strategic Partner’s office or home office
  • Our goal is to guide you to keep your overhead low

How will I know if ActionCOACH is the right fit for me?

  • 3-4 week co-vetting process
  • Our candid feedback on where we see alignment AND concerns

Can I sell the business in the future?

  • Yes. We will interview the buyer to ensure they will represent our brand professionally.

What does it take to be successful?

  • Learn It; Follow It; Do It – This is true about most things in life…
  • Our franchise system is proven to work. You will need to put in the time to learn it, have the discipline to follow it and make the effort to do it!