Kevin Alft

Regional CEO & President / Master Licensee

Kevin Alft is the CEO & President of ActionCOACH of Texas. As a leader within ActionCOACH, Kevin has achieved a ranking of #1 in the Americas Region and at the Global level multiple times. When you join the Texas team of Firm and Practice Owners, you join a team with a tradition of winning. Our ActionCOACH Texas Team has won Global, National, and Regional awards including Firm of the Year, Executive Coach of the Year, Business Coach of the Year, Rookie Coach of the Year, Employee Business Coach of the Year, Best Client Results Globally, Break-Out Coach of the Year, Territory of the Year, Global Master Licensee of the Year and the list goes on! If you’re ready to build an award-winning business, Kevin Alft will guide you toward success!

Kevin’s proven track record of building successful businesses includes personally owning award-winning businesses, coaching businesses to life changing financial results in a broad array of industries and as an executive running business units in the U.S. and Asia ranging from start-ups to $300 million in revenue achieving one-year growth of $100 million while tripling profit dollars. Kevin has served on the Boards of twenty businesses in seven countries.

His expertise in business strategy, marketing, sales, finance, operations, team recruiting & development, international business, and optimized business exiting stems from working and coaching in a diverse range of industries including Manufacturing, Health Care, Retail, Professional Services, Construction, Distribution, Technology, Hospitality, Interior Design, Nutriceuticals, Agriculture, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Franchising, Food, Real Estate and Wholesaling.

His entrepreneurial roots go back to age 5 when he started working in his family’s business and was surrounded by parents, grandparents, and uncles who were entrepreneurs. Kevin’s business know-how comes from 50 years of real-world business experience, a successful executive career and from investing more than a million dollars to further his education and professional growth.

Kevin’s passion for the success of our Texas Firm and Practices Owners, as well as clientele, is driven by his intrigue for business and the real-life outcomes witnessed when businesses transform and he receives notes from those impacted stating “Thank you for changing our lives.”

Are you ready to change your life for the better through changing the businesses and lives of many business owners, their teams & customers?

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Denise Nolan

Chief Development Officer

Denise is an experienced entrepreneur and manager who is known for making realistic promises and has earned a reputation of consistently delivering upon those promises through extraordinary follow through and customer service. Has a proven track record of leading and managing with a highly participative, energetic, team-oriented management style resulting in the consistent achievement of company objectives. Adept at attracting and selecting goal-oriented team players to build high performance teams who are loyal and committed. Demonstrates an accountability-based management style and is willing to make the tough decisions regarding who gets to stay on the team.

Has successfully launched two medical industry businesses with one growing to nationwide presence. Extensive experience in the medical industry includes working closely with medical professionals to build their business practices and achieve financial objectives. Capable of running all aspects of a business. Has driven the growth of numerous businesses through the development and implementation of strategic marketing and sales initiatives directly and through teams. Disciplined in supply chain development, management, retention and gross margin optimization. Excels in managing multiple responsibilities with strong attention to detail, problem solving and thorough execution. Exhibits strong work ethic and high personal performance standards consistently focused upon achieving a new personal best.

Proud Texas Tech & Aggie Mom!

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Brad Sugars

Founder / Chairman / ActionCOACH President

Brad Sugars is the Founder, Chairman, and President of ActionCOACH, the world’s largest business coaching firm with more than 1,000 offices in over 74 countries. Not only did he guide the company to new levels of growth over the past several years, he also set direction in terms of vision and strategy for ActionCOACH worldwide. He is also responsible for the company’s culture – enrolling and inspiring the entire ActionCOACH team to live and abide by our 14 Points of Culture, guidelines that help set ActionCOACH apart as a company and that truly make it the world’s leading business coaching firm.




Angie Fairbanks

Global Chief Operating/Community Officer

Angie Fairbanks has always been a competitor with the skills to motivate people to reach their full potential. The skills that Angie has developed over a lifetime of competing and motivating come into play every day and help to make her a positive force for business re-education throughout the United States.

Despite standing just over five feet tall, Angie played high-level college basketball and she takes an active interest in youth sports, often coaching teams in basketball and gymnastics, while raising a family and working within the demands of 15 years in the corporate world.

Her experience in sports and coaching has helped her understand the fundamentals and skills to hold others accountable for success. With years broadening her skills and talents as a sales director and trainer, marketing coordinator, director of HR and training and VP of customer service, Angie knows what it takes to work with others to achieve a level of success.



Tony Servidio

Chief Financial Officer

Tony oversees worldwide operations and brings more than 30 years of finance and operational experience to ActionCOACH. Tony spent 10 years with a large auditing, assurance and tax firm where he held various senior finance positions ranging from venture capital backed start-ups to chief financial officer of a $350 million public registrant. Tony was also in charge of a finance department for a public company that grew from $20 million to $350 million in revenues during his 5-year tenure. In his spare time, Tony enjoys sports, likes to play golf and spends as much time as possible with his family, especially his grandchildren.

Kevin Alft
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