Without a PLAN how can you know where you are going?

Create a comprehensive 3-5 Year business plan and pro forma to set a clear direction for your business. PlanningCLUB is specifically designed to deliver actionable strategies, clarity and focus on your business. You will also develop a comprehensive business plan and planning document you can use to Grow your business, present to lenders or Angel investors for funding, and Share with your team to leverage your current resources in ways to massively grow cash flow and profit.

Program Overview:

  • This "Thinking Time" will create clear road map for you and your team
  • A professional business plan to secure bank or other funding
  • Gain clarity on your business' strengths
  • Identify opportunities where improvements are essential
  • Move your business forward into the future with certainty and confidence

PlanningCLUB gives you...

Strategic Planning Workshop gives you:


Professional Business Support: 2 x 7 hour Group Workshop days with other non-competing businesses in the room together. Guided, step by step through the planning process and along the way gain valuable exposure to some of the latest business models and thinking. Have the opportunity to share ideas and network with other businesses that also face similar challenges to you.


Cloud Based Business Planning: Receive online access to your own Business Planning and Business Modelling Tool where you construct the core components of your business plan and align your thoughts, business direction and ultimate outcomes.


Succinct Business Plan: You will receive a copy of your Business Plan which you have specifically developed for your business, including Strategies for Improvement, Financial Projections, and other key areas expected in a Professional Business Plan.


Financial Projections: Summary Income Statement for 5 years, Summary Balance Sheet for 5 years and Annualized Cash Flow for 5 years. Capital Purchases, Financial Cash needs for the business and Future Lending Requirements.


Getting It Right: You have up to 5 PDF prints of your Plan, which include a combination of draft plan prints, and / or final plan prints… a total of 5. As well, you may access your Cloud Based Business planning System for up-to one year. The second, and subsequent year(s) are optional for a small investment - and are highly recommended.


One - on - One Session: Once your plan is finalized, printed and bound, you get to meet with us for a one-on-one for a two-hour session to discuss your plan in detail and decide upon strategies and actions to take next.



" We started with five employees and have developed to over 70, and ActionCOACH was a great choice for us in helping get a hold of our business and get it ready for the next level."

- Matt Anderson, Owner - Matty's Bar & Grille

Review our many testimonials to see what other business owners have experienced with us and this incredible program. Then contact us to see if you qualify for one of our limited-opportunity one-to-one coaching programs.



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