Consistent Cash Flow

Financial Management Training

Business is a game, and like any game, you've got to keep score to know whether you are winning or losing. Unfortunately, all too many people in business lose track of the scoreboard, which leads to big problems in and around the business. Learn which numbers business brokers look at when evaluating and valuating a business and how to look at any financial statement to see what activities are truly driving business results.

At this intense training program, award-winning business coach Kevin Alft dives into the deep end of the finances at work in any business. His years of experience have led to a powerful system he utilizes with his clients to achieve true financial mastery for the business owner ... and now he's ready to teach that mastery to you.

Some of what you'll learn ...

  • The mindset of keeping score in your business
  • Which numbers define "financial mastery" and "numbers mastery"
  • The 4 hats in your business that relate to money
  • Which key financial metrics to benchmark and track
  • Why "cash is king" and how cash flow and profit interact with one another
  • Why the "Rule of 3s" in financial reporting is so important
  • What your business is really worth
  • How to multiply profits in any business



Contact us by emailing or call Kevin directly on his mobile phone at 832-871-7217

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