Time Management Training

As a business owner, your time is your most valuable commodity... Are you using it effectively?

Answer these questions ...

  1. Does your day go by and you wonder what you actually accomplished?
  2. Are you overwhelmed at the thought of all you have to do?
  3. Do you continuously find yourself putting out fires?

If you answered yes to any of these, then the TimeRICH program is for you. Our TimeRICH training will offer you tools to leverage your time, be more productive, and be more satisfied with your results. This training can be run with you and your entire team in-house, or you can send your team members to one of our regular public workshops.

Some of what you'll learn ...

  • The five stages of managing workflow
  • 10 time management techniques
  • How to determine the opportunity cost of not using your time effectively
  • How to develop your schedule around cash flow-generating and profit-making activities
  • How to run your schedule instead of letting your schedule run you
  • The 6 steps to effective delegation
  • The #1 tool for managing your day, week, and life - the default calendar





Contact us by emailing kevinalft@actioncoach.com or call Kevin directly on his mobile phone at 832-871-7217

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