ActionCOACH Team Testimonials

Ted Hair - Franchise Owner

Doug Winnie - Franchise Owner

Sam Mugavero - Business Coach

Client Testimonials

Ron Harris
Harris Technology

Susan Manning
Manning Pool Service

Mike Simon
Shipley Donuts

"When asked a friend whose business was suddenly skyrocketing how she did it, she had two words for us: Doug Winnie.  As a startup business we have aggressive growth goals and do not want to flounder as most business do. Now we are succeeding and Doug's coaching is the key factor.  As a husband-wife team, communication is imperative and each week Doug gets us to the core issues of 'why' and keeps us motivated and inspired. He sets the bar high and makes us want to clear it!"

- Cindy & John Kelly
Hoodz West Houston


"Doug has helped us in so many ways!  One of them is marketing.  As a business who needs to understand marketing we are learning more and more every coaching session.  Our product is now in nearly every distribution facility in Houston, we are advertising on the radio, and Ace Hardware Stores is now selling our products!  We are so excited and are ready for more!!" 

- Chad Touchet
Backflow Armor

"Suddenly Skyrocketing!" 

"There are so many similarities and it doesn’t matter what business you are in; this is an overall life package. This is not just about business, this is about being successful in life."

- Lynn Almond
Bay Area Equestrian

"We hired Doug and his ActionCOACH team to help us smooth out many of our rough edges. I was so impressed, for we have been approached by many coaches, but he was the only one who came to our bakery and observed multiple times and when we met, he could actually talk to us about some of our issues from experience. I also was impressed with his initial free consultation."

- Janice Jucker
Three Brothers Bakery

"100% Net Profit Growth!" 

"We have doubled our full-time staff this year, are about to move into office space which is twice our current space, the company has grown over 50% in Gross revenue, and over 100% in net profit when compared to the same period last year. We have more projects in our sales pipeline than ever before and I’m not afraid to go get more. This is just the beginning. The vision has never been clearer and I know great things are coming in our future! "

- Ash Pirwani
eNet Systems Houston

"Thank you for offering workshops at our Chamber office! Our Chamber Members are still talking about all the information they learned and the ways there are implementing the activities within their business. We appreciate your support!" 

- Carol Marcantel
Friendswood Chamber of Commerce

"I was so Impressed!" 

"I know that I wouldn't have been this successful without you, you've taught me to stop and think before making decisions and to start looking at things from the client's perspective. YOU ARE AWESOME!" 

- Linda Drummond
Drummond Public Relations

Coach Testimonials

Business Coach Doug Winnie was trained by multi-millionaire, world-class entrepreneur and author Brad Sugars, and with the support of ActionCOACH global resources, my Coaching, Training and Development Programs are world class. Having been the owner or manager of multiple successful companies, he understands the challenges, pressures, and pleasures associated with being an executive. Focus, vision, confidence, and passion, are all key components we work on to help achieve your goals and aspirations.

- Doug Winnie
ActionCOACH Business Coach

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