“I have always considered education to be my specialty when it comes to my business; and I felt that I was barely treading water on the sales and advertising side of things. At the meetings, our coach helps us break down all aspects within the sales and marketing arenas, which allows me to create action plans to pinpoint my weaknesses and strengthen them. 

Having other business owners who share similar challenges helps keep us all accountable, and the Peak Performance/ActionCOACH Team expertly facilitate all of these processes along the way. As with most things in life though, this process only works if you are willing to back up your words and plans with ACTIONS! The #1 thing that I have taken away from my experience with Peak Performance/ActionCOACH is that I CAN make it to the top 4% club!! And I am going to get there by: SMART planning, taking action and having a tough exterior with an adaptable interior!!”

--Vanessa Mayster, Mathnasium of Barrington

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