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Why you need a Coach


Often I get asked “Why should someone hire a coach?” or “What exactly is it that you do?”  They’re great questions and reflect the reality that there are many different coaches and less than a clear understanding of what we do.


This short series answers the question.  One thing to note – you may be experiencing more than one of these issues – and that’s normal.  The key is recognizing what’s going on and getting the resource(s) you need to change for the better.


Click here to read "The 11 Reasons People Hire a Business Coach."

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reaching goals

Any success-oriented entrepreneur understands that success doesn’t just happen. It requires a willingness to take risks, financial sacrifice, an incredible amount of hard work, and perhaps most importantly of all, the creation and execution of a well-devised plan to make their dreams a reality. A plan is a road map to where you want to […]

For those of you who have met with some degree of success as a business owner, congratulations! There are few professions that demand as many skills and talents as being an entrepreneur; you not only have to run your business, but you have to be able to work every single position successfully. Being able to […]

Effective Leader

When you enter a new workplace for the very first time, you quickly get a sense of what life will be like for you there. As you meet your new coworkers, you’ll quickly develop a feel for what the general tone or atmosphere of your work environment is like. Having annoying co-workers, tedious assignments, and/or […]

unhappy at work

Unhappy at Work? Find Your Reasons According to a Gallup poll taken in 2015, only 32% of the American workforce describes themselves as “actively engaged” in the workplace. This refers to people that are not only satisfied with their jobs, but are motivated to seek out new challenges and go beyond the original scope of […]

Goal Setting is SMART Business Goal setting is as important in personal life as it is in business. The most common denominator in all the self-help literature and books is the importance of goal setting. We’re told to set long-term goals, short-term goals, lifetime goals and personal goals. The benefits of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results […]

Doing The Impossible What impossible thing are you going to do today? Maybe it’s making that 5 or 6 figure sale. Perhaps it’s developing a new marketing campaign. Could it be that one extra cold call for the day. Perhaps its having a challenging conversation with an errant team member. Maybe it’s doing 30 minutes […]

Here are a few ways of boosting your conversion rate: Charge For Normally Free Advice: This will set you up as the expert, and put you in a far better position when it comes to crunch time. You may not deal with as many prospects but, every one you do deal with is well qualified. […]

Who is Peter Williamson

I am a certified Business Coach with 10 years experience.

I provide business coaching and mentoring services to small and medium sized businesses.  
I'm passionate about helping businesses like yours grow and become more profitable, so you, the business owner, can reap the rewards and enjoy the success and lifestyle you deserve.

As your Business Coach, I will help you achieve the results you want.  

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We'll select the right solutions for you and your business from literally hundreds of ActionCOACH tools, methods and systems that have been tested and perfected with tens of thousands of businesses worldwide over the past two decades.
I'll show you how to implement them and I will hold you accountable for your results and, just like a sports coach, push you to achieve more than you think is possible.
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