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14 Common Frustrations

"14 Most Common Business Owner Frustrations and How to Fix Them!"
"In This Pamphlet You’ll Discover For Yourself What the the most common frustrations are, what causes them and how to fix them(& it’s probably not what you’ve been told)!" 
Dear Owner,
     Are you working 10, 12, 14 or even 16 hour days? Are you missing the “Wonder Years” of your children’s life? Feel estranged from your spouse? Can you spare enough time away from work to enjoy a weekend with your family? Do you have this year’s vacation already planned and paid for?
     Are you paying yourself more than you are paying your staff?  Do you have enough left over to establish a tax fund, vacation fund, capital improvements fund, investment fund? 
    Do you have the ideal team in your business?  If you had it all to do over again, would you hire the same employees your currently have?  If not, why not?  Does your team care as much about the business as you do?
    If your Time, Team and/or Money is seems to be out of whack, you can use this free pamphlet to help get back on track. After all, Business is the tool that affords you the life you want, it is not life.
 In This Powerful, Content Rich Pamphlet, You'll Discover...


  • How to get back 1.5 hours a day in just 10 minutes
  • How to get more productive work out of your employees affording you more time off
  • 3 ways for you to identify the work that really counts
  • How to create your perfect default calendar and why you must have one
  • How to reset your mind throughout the day to get more productive work in less time.
  • How to quit burning leads and losing out on commissions
Bonus: Would you like to have Roger review your opportunities in a private conversation and share ways that you can improve your business? If so, please register and then use the link in the Thank You email to schedule a 30 minute call. (I can't guarantee I'll have enough time slots to review everyone’s schedule that gets submitted, but I'll do my best to get to as many as possible).
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Roger Hawk is the host of “Hawk’s Eye On Business: KBOI News Talk AM670” and has been coaching, teaching & consulting Businesses for over 18 years. He's been seen in Who’s Who, Virginia Tech’s Scholar Library, Eagle informer and various social media forums. He serves on Eagle’s transportation committee, and has created numerous support tools to help Business Owners become financially successful.
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