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ActionCOACH is thrilled to announce that the new book “Pulling Profits,” written by Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt, has hit two bestsellers lists: USA Today and

Discovering a book that delivers on the hype can be a rare find in today’s business marketplace, but “Pulling Profits” is really a gamechanger.

The book is a quintessential modern business handbook that breaks down the strategies and disciplines that will help any business grow exponentially, and details how CEO’s and business leaders can create “magical” profits.

The more than 370-page book outlines five disciplines designed to help CEO’s and business leaders expand the business exponentially year after year.

The first is Strategy, which is defined by a business model that sets the business up for massive growth. The second is Business Development. Too many people believe that this means just marketing and sales. That’s false. Business development is about getting and KEEPING your customers. Third, it’s the discipline of People. You have to grow people in your business. If you build the people, they will build the business. Fourth, is Execution. You can have the best of everything but in this day and age proper execution sets you up for success.  The final discipline is Mission, which means connectivity between people and the company. You have to build an emotional connection. Think about it. Apple fans don’t just LIKE Apple. They LOVE Apple. Most are loyal customers for life because the brand has established an emotional connection with them.

The five disciplines of exponential growth are designed to teach and educate you and your team on not just what to do, but how to do it. The online reviews are stellar, the critics are raving, and the work is changing the world and lives one chapter at a time.

“Pulling Profits Out of a Hat” is available in bookstores,, and here:

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