Image Credit:  ActionCOACH


Influential people in a plethora of industries have lauded the virtues of Law of Attraction and visualization for years. The Hollywood breed, especially, with stars like Oprah Winfrey proclaiming the Universal law as instrumental in their success. Even ActionCOACH CEO and founder Brad Sugars is a huge proponent of the LOA.

The fact is that this stuff works. So, where do you get started? Here is some way that you can use it to manifest the business that you want.

1. Really know, deep in your bones, what you want.

You have to ask yourself: What do I truly want? Get as specific as possible, because while manifesting does work, you have to do your part by putting in the work and taking actionable steps.

What’s your goal? Do you want to hire the ultimate marketing guru? Do you want to grow your business 50 percent by the end of the year? According to LOA experts, the key is to get hyper-focused so that your mind, consciously and subconsciously, can make things happen.

Be sure that your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound).

2. Gratitude only calls in more of what you’re asking for.

The Universe responds to energy and vibration. When you display gratitude, it has a way of giving you more to be grateful for.  This also goes for self-talk.

Think about it; how many times a day do you chastise yourself. Think about and focus on negative outcomes.  The Law of Attraction asserts that whatever you focus upon will grow, so positive thinking is essential.

Make gratitude a daily focus. What do you have to lose?

3. Visualize your success.

Visualization is a key tool in the kit of leadership, and as it turns out, effectively using the LOA.

It’s pretty simple. Envision how you will successfully navigate the business. Use your imagination and be as detailed as possible. Go through the steps that you need to achieve success. Feel what you will feel once you’ve achieved your goal. Revel in it.

Look, not everyone believes in the Law of Attraction, and that’s fine. But think about it this way, telling others about your goals is a win-win proposition. And embracing these new habits just might help you tap into a new way of thinking that will benefit you both professionally and personally.


Peg, Pete, Michelle