Learn how spending time on yourself improves your overall experience as well as your productivity.

5 Disciplines of Positivity: Affirmations, Meditation, Gratitude Journaling, Exercise and Reading/Learning

Why is self care so necessary and important?

Pete:  “Who else would do it?  And who cares more about you than you?  We’re our biggest fans, right? So you should take care of yourself.”

There are 5 disciplines of positivity.  


Peg:  “The reasons we want this self positivity and self care is because you need to work harder on yourself than anything else.  And the reason is, and I quote: Your level of success will rarely succeed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.  So, the person you become is about self-care and it’s about affirmations.  So an affirmation is something you say to yourself, about yourself, when you’re by yourself.  It’s something you’re going to do twice a day (an “I am” statement). Your mind is a computer.  We need to program it. Write your program and program it yourself.”


Pete:  “That one’s very simple now because you can get on a lot of these radio station apps and I use that.  We do it 20 minutes a day, 7 days a week. Put on the headphones (cover your ears) and get on your station or whatever the app is, and download a meditation piece. And it will just go on for as long as you want. Meditation actually just calms you down a little bit. You’re going to have issues during the day, and it allows you to get through those issues easier.”


Peg:  “Journaling is really critically important to look back where you were and what made you grateful, to remind you of what is good.   That’s why you would write it down. But just being grateful shows (it’s the way of looking at things) again, programming your mind to see the good.  So I’m grateful that I have a great job. Some people say “Uh, I have to go to work.  Uh, I’ve got to do this,” what if you get to vs have to.  What if I get to go to work, and I get to interact with people.  The way you approach life is what you’ll get in return. You want you to approach it in a gratitude moment.”

Pete:  “And gratitude can be as simple as one or two minutes a day, stopping for a moment and saying the things you’re thankful for.  I’m thankful my kids are healthy.  I enjoy my spouse. I have a great home.  And I really enjoy my job.”


Pete:  “It’s really good for you. It’s excellent.  It gives you a positive state of mind. It helps you actually accomplish something (if you exercise in the morning, you’ve gotten something done already), and it helps you to take the pressure of the day easier if you’ve worked out hard.”


Peg:  “What we like to say is you should work on two things:  One is, you should always be honing your skills at work.  But you should also be working on self-development. Work on yourself.  What are you reading to self-improve? If you read 10 pages a day, every day, you would read 18 books that are around 200 pages each (every year).  You would be feeding your soul with great energy and great information, and be able to pass it along. And if you do all 5 of these (disciplines) in the morning, your day is going to be a lot different, and your life will be a lot different.”

Pete:  “We encourage our clients to spend 5-10% of their year (their work year), so 150-200 hours, working on themselves. Whether it’s on reading, going to workshops or seminars, or listening to somebody speak, exercise, etc.”

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