Courting Your Existing Customers

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Retaining existing customers is far easier, and much less costly, than looking for new customers, yet so many businesses have it ingrained in their thinking that they have to be focused on finding new customers as the driver of their business growth.

Consequently, the business can become obsessed with appealing to potential customers […]

Groundbreaking Business Book ‘Pulling Profits’ to Be Released in April

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Success in business is often about the amount of concrete workable principles you can apply. There are a lot of theories out there about how to succeed, and most of them are unproven. Too many CEOs and business owners use the spaghetti method: you know, the one where you throw anything and […]


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Every year, ActionCOACH selects elite coaches, the best of the best, from all over the United States, and recognizes those who have excelled with the Coach Awards. The 2019 Coach Awards, which were given out during the 2019 Business Excellence Forum in Charleston, South Carolina, honored 22 such coaches whom embody ActionCOACH’s […]

Manager’s Guide on How to Manage People in a Professional Work Environment

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A professional environment consists of respectful, mature, competent, and accountable employees. It is important that the environment of a workplace maintains such characteristics. Furthermore, backbiting, cheating, theft, and other behavior needs to be almost non-existent. This is where the manager comes in. In short, you can say that the manager is the […]


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Many entrepreneurs find that despite delivering excellent products or services and having satisfied customers, their business sometimes feels like a roller-coaster. Often, this is because they’re behaving like employees. In other words, they’re working in the business and not on the business. By focusing a bit of attention on ensuring your clients […]

Coming Up With an Effective Customer Relationship Management Strategy


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Customer relationship management is a very important aspect that all business owners should consider seriously and look for ways to improve in. A good customer relationship management strategy will help to increase your sales while ensuring that your store or business has a repeat clientele.

This can only happen if the employees, who […]

7 Signs You Are Getting in the Way

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7 Signs you are getting in the way:
1. You are following your agenda rather than theirs
. Take their lead, if answers to your questions go in another direction, follow it.

2. You are getting objections. Objections mean you didn’t let them bring up an important point during the conversation, or you didn’t listen […]

How to Increase Motivation in The Workplace

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If you want to increase the productivity and performance of your workforce, then it is essential that the staff should be motivated towards achieving the goals. Any organization which has a focus to achieve certain aims needs to take its employees onboard, so that everyone works in a certain direction, committed towards […]

8 Tips to Inspire Your Small Business Team

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Often times in the workplace, employees strive not just to be heard — but to find purpose in their efforts. Small business owners, managers, and those in leadership roles are faced with the challenge of making their team feel more secure. It can be easy to lose yourself in day-to-day tasks and […]

Predictable Cashflow

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There are three keys to creating consistent and predictable cashflow:

1. Strong and Sustainable Unique Selling Proposition: A strong USP is one that cuts through the clutter of our everyday lives. A USP is like a beacon that calls you like an irresistible force. It is the lighthouse that brightens the night sky after […]