Before his race cars won him world-wide fame, Ferry Porsche was busy innovating better ways to build automobiles.

One of his most remarkable innovations was the “template” chassis he designed – the chassis being the frame and the mechanical “guts” of a car that holds the engine, running gear, steering and suspension systems.

Porsche knew a few key components made every car run. So both his racing cars and his VW automobiles were built on the same chassis. Only the exteriors differed in appearance.

The most powerful business secret you’ll ever learn …

Just like a car, every business is built on a chassis. It’s the truth behind all “business models” – no matter what the business, industry or category.

While that may appear to be a bold claim, ActionCOACH’s years of testing and measuring its systems – and the results gained from their implementation – have shown this to be true.

For many business owners, actually “seeing” how this works in the format of a workshop is far more powerful and effective than getting the same information from a book or whitepaper.

That’s why BusinessRICH is one of our most popular programs.


Tune-Up Your Business in 2-Days

The BusinessRICH 2-day workshop focuses on key elements of applying ActionCOACH systems to your business. For business owners with limited schedules, it is the perfect way to get a “hands-on” introduction to the ActionCOACH way of looking at business.

Your Business: A high performing “profit machine.”

Whether you want to build an ultra-fast race car or a reliable family sedan, the key to both is the ability to generate sustainable profit over time – based on just five variables.

Do you know what they are?

You will after completing our BusinessRICH workshop. You’ll be expert in playing the game we call business – and playing it to win.

You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible …

BusinessRICH is a whole new way of looking at your business – even for those with advanced degrees and MBA’s.

It’s a “real world” workshop – with straight talk about why so many businesses end up running their owners instead of it being the other way around. More importantly, you’ll discover ways to work smarter so you can work less, while at the same time earning more.

It’s a massive amount to pack into two short days, but we promise you’ll retain more from these two days than you remember from your entire time in school. You’ll not only find out what you need to do … you’ll leave BusinessRICH knowing how to do it.

BusinessRICH Overview

Over the course of the workshop, the ActionCOACH leading the format will delve deeper into many of the company’s systems, including:

  • 84 lead generation strategies
  • 83 strategies to increase conversion
  • 69 strategies to increase number of transactions
  • 54 ways to increase the value of every sale
  • 67 ways to increase margins and cashflow


In addition, the BusinessRICH curriculum focuses on team building, company vision and culture, planning and goal-setting strategies designed for immediate impact.