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logoCoaching for a Cause is a way for the ActionCOACH Business Coaches collective to give back to their communities by providing pro-bono coaching hours to local nonprofit organizations. It is in our corporate DNA to give back and to provide education in our communities in order to spread abundance. Coaching for a Cause achieves both. By donating time to a nonprofit or charitable organization, our coaches share knowledge and educate the managers of those organizations to help them be better leaders. If service and nonprofit organizations are more successful and can serve more in need within the community it elevates the level of abundance for all.

Coaching for a Cause is 100% voluntary and coaches from around the globe report their successes and share best practices, offering key learnings to the rest of the ActionCOACH community. You can read more about some of the unique programs happening around the world on the ActionCOACH Facebook page or by following #coach4acause.

For more information about Coaching for a Cause, please review our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, please contact us at

Coaching for a Cause Advisory Board Members:

TBDVice Chair
Fredy GutierrezAdvisory Board Member 2019-2020
Sheles WallaceAdvisory Board Member 2019-2020
Lisa RaggioAdvisory Board Member 2019-2020
Carmen GigarExecutive Secretary, Chief Marketing Officer, ActionCOACH Global

What is Coaching for a Cause?


What is this about?

Coaching for a Cause is a way for ActionCOACH Business Coaches to give back to their communities. By sharing their knowledge and the proven strategies, processes and systems of ActionCOACH, Coaching for a Cause encourages all our franchise partners domestically and internationally to provide pro bono services to local nonprofit organizations in their communities. Our vision of ‘world abundance through business re-education’ includes those organizations which offer support, comfort, valuable life-saving resources and much needed services with 501c3 designations.

Why do you do

Why do you do this?

ActionCOACH is founded on 14 distinct points of culture. Among these are education and commitment. Those guiding principles drive ourActionCOACH business coaches to find ways to make larger more significant impacts in their individual communities. Nonprofit organizations help meet the needs of under-served groups and ActionCOACH believes that by making these vital organizations more successful, the community becomes a better place for all. Whether they offer health services, financial support or provide basic resources, nonprofits are often faced with the same challenges that affect other commercial enterprises. ActionCOACH strives to ensure that every business reaches their full potential.


How does it work?

ActionCOACH business coaches offer their time and expertise to local nonprofit organizations on a purely volunteer basis.  Our coaches help implement the same ActionCOACH suite of systems and strategies with the nonprofits – that they use with their for-profit clients to build more successful and effective businesses all over the world. ActionCOACH encourages and supports its franchise partners by recognizing their contributions at our annual conferences.

“Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”


…Would you like to know more about our program?

If you represent a non-profit and would benefit from coaching, let us know. It’s easy to get started, just fill out this form and someone will get back to you soon.

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