international franchise opportunities - ActionCOACH

international franchise opportunities

international franchise opportunities -  ActionCOACH


ActionCOACH, the largest and most successful international business coaching franchise, makes business ownership simple. Whether you are looking for a significant investment and want to command an entire region or you are interested in opening a professional firm in your country, ActionCOACH is currently looking for business professionals and wise investors that want to operate a business with high margins and high return on investment.


As an ActionCOACH Master Licensee or Firm Owner, you will help entrepreneurs and business owners in your community grow, create jobs and build a stronger economy.

Hot New Franchise Opportunities

Territories in new countries and regions are available now and you can begin a professional coaching business firm and start transforming the lives of business owners in your community. Our franchise professionals are here to guide you through the process.

ActionCOACH Franchises. Around the World

The opportunity to own a business may seem out of reach, but with the right partner, the dream of being your own boss is within reach. In the global economy, it is critical you choose a veteran franchisor with more than 3 decades of business expertise to answer all your questions and help you chart a path to business ownership.

Two Franchise Models to Suit Your Business Goals

The Master Licensee (ML)

A visionary leader in a country, state or region who brings ActionCOACH to the marketplace and uses its proprietary proven systems to improve lives and communities.

This is ActionCOACH’s ultimate franchise opportunity. The Master Licensee has the power to develop, grow and sell ActionCOACH franchisees in an entire region, state or country. This is much more than the typical franchise model – instead of being in charge of a single firm or team, you’ll be in charge of an entire organization of ActionCOACH franchisees all operating under your supervision and guidance.

The Master Licensee has the power to take any business and develop it into a successful, self-sustaining franchise in the region. Additionally, you are given the opportunity to develop franchises and business coaches at every step along the way, giving you an unmatched opportunity to grow your assets.

But it gets better – a Master Licensee enjoys both steady income as well as substantial commissions on every franchise sold. Yes, that’s right, you wouldn’t have to choose. Your steady income comes from the royalties franchisees pay you each month, while your commissions come from the many franchises you’ll buy develop and sell. Few franchisor programs offer this kind of dual income stream potential.

The Master Licensee is an investment of a lifetime but you don’t have to go it alone. You have at your disposal the support a global community which spans more than 70 countries and the depth and breadth of the ActionCOACH system. The more than 27 years of experience and proprietary intellectual property available to you is vast and unique. The ActionCOACH brand continues to expand and evolve and you will reap the benefits of this dynamic brand as it grows and thrives.

The Master Licensee commitment is not for the faint of heart.  Starting at approximately $50k (USD), the opportunity has unlimited potential for a visionary who has the foresight to build a legacy.

Master Licensee Opportunities Currently Available in:

  • Central Africa
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Scandinavia
  • Other regions may also available

The FIRM/Senior Franchise Partner

Builds and develops a team of professional coaches, while a tangible business asset that increases in value over time.

Business coaching is the second fastest growing industry behind IT in the business-to-business sector according to Forbes Magazine and is estimated to be a $2 billion global industry. Companies realize that adding a business coach to their list of necessary resources is vital to their livelihood and long-term success. If you want to be a part of the business coaching industry, you want to do it with a partner and franchisor who is at the top of the game. ActionCOACH is the best in the business. We are the #1 business coaching franchise in the world. We are looking for Senior Franchise Partners and Firm Owners to adto our global community.

The FIRM is the best option for the entrepreneur who wants to take advantage of the ultimate leadership opportunity. The FIRM lets you hire an unlimited number of business coaches. Your Firm can grow as

much as you want, as fast as you want. Leaders and visionaries will have an unparalleled opportunity to impact lives of business owners as they grow within their exclusive territory. Your FIRM will be recognized as the exclusive provider of professional business coaching services in your designated territory using the ActionCOACH system. Offering a wide variety of products, your team of coaches and your FIRM will have multiple streams of revenue available to grow and develop. Your territory is carefully mapped to include a rich density of businesses to make your return on investment quantifiable and attainable. As a Firm owner and senior franchise partner you will have the depth and breadth of the ActionCOACH system and our proven methodologies at your disposal to serve all the businesses in your territory. Ongoing training and support for yourself and your coaches is available and the global ActionCOACH community is accessible to you as you grow and develop your firm. You will be a part of a collective of professionals that is unmatched in the industry. The FIRM is perfectly suited for business executives who desire the opportunity to manage a business that has unlimited potential.

Firm investment starts are based on specific territory in a country or region and the number of SMEs.