1 on 1 Business Coaching

Working 1 on 1 with owners, presidents and CEO’s makes the greatest impact on an organization.  Real change starts from the top. Together with our clients we set strategic objectives and create and execute plans to make what seems impossible, possible.  We provide knowledge, education, resources and accountability to accelerate the pace of growth within an organization. Along the way we challenge our clients to truly reach their full potential and provide an objective opinion on challenges and opportunities as they arise. We can't wait to help unlock your potential.

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Schedule your complimentary coaching session.  Bring us a challenge or opportunity and see what coaching can do for you.  There is no obligation, we will WOW you and guarantee it will be well worth the hour of your time.
 Here is what one business owner had to say after their complementary session:

 "All I can say is that "Thank You" is not enough!  I was so, so excited about our meeting, that I literally stayed up until about 1:00 am and mapped out what it would take to bring in my revenue goals.  Angie, in closing, I thank you for letting me know that Coaching is mandatory to take your business to the next level." Dina Nance, Training by Design

Bronze - StartupCOACH Building a Solid Base

The Building a Solid Base program is designed for those small business owners or managers who know they want more out of their business but don’t know how to get it. It’s really for businesses, which don’t have the infrastructure to take full advantage of the more in-depth programs, or just need an injection of enthusiasm and guidance each month. It is also recommended as a follow up on program for business owners that have completed 12 months of one-to-one mentoring.
We meet every other week.  The results are the same, the pace is a bit slower.

Silver - StepUpCOACH Empower Your Business

The Empower Your Business program is designed for business owners with teams in place who are ready to build a true business defined as A Commercial, Profitable Enterprise that works without you.  We meet each week to work through the steps necessary to reach both the business and personal goals of the business.

Gold - PowerUpCOACH Grow Your Business

The Grow Your Business program is designed for those businesses that are determined to achieve significant growth in the next 12 months. Your business is probably already going well but you may need to rapidly expand your customer base, introduce a new product or open another outlet. You have some really good staff members in place but your business is struggling to reach its full potential. You are probably working far too many hours a week and the business would not be able to survive without your constant input.  This program is best suited for companies with 2 or more partners and includes weekly meetings with all partners both individually and as a group.

Platinum - FreedomCOACH Making a Real Difference

Our Making a Real Difference program is for those people who really want to kick their business along and achieve real goals for the year. Your business is probably already experiencing steady growth. You have some solid ground-work in place and you and your Team might eventually make it happen anyway. You just know that working with me as your Personal and Business Coach would make a real difference to your lifestyle, the value and the position of your business in the marketplace. (This may be a prelude to your exit strategy!)
This program is best suited for established companies that are ready to transition to the next level of succession.  We work with both the owner/president/CEO and their successor to create a roadmap for successful transition. The successor might be a buyer, family member, partner, or general manager. This program merges the personal goals of the current leader with the goals of the business to bring freedom and success.  This program is custom tailored to suit the specific needs of the organization.

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