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how stress Can Affect Your Job Performance

How Stress Can Affect Your Job Performance

A job that is completely stress-free doesn’t exist. With deadlines to meet, people to please, standards to uphold, and new markets to enter, your job will always present challenges and circumstances that force you out of a state of perpetual complacency. Stress shouldn’t necessarily be p…

does company culture matter?

Does Company Culture Matter?

Does Company Culture Matter? When you begin the search for a new job, you’ll typically look for certain qualities: salary, benefits, location, and so forth. Salary is perhaps the most dominant of these, as many people will commonly pass over or apply for a job simply based on what that number …

unhappy at work

Unhappy at Work? Find Your Reasons

Unhappy at Work? Find Your Reasons According to a Gallup poll taken in 2015, only 32% of the American workforce describes themselves as “actively engaged” in the workplace. This refers to people that are not only satisfied with their jobs, but are motivated to seek out new challenges and…

keep employees happy at work

How to Keep Your Employees Happy at Work

Managing a business successfully requires that you possess the complete package, so to speak. You need to have strong interpersonal skills as well as strong technical skills, which is a combination of traits that few people possess. This is why business owners hire people to do the bulk of the work,…

Qualities of Good Leaders

Qualities of Good Leaders

If you type in “qualities of a strong/good/effective leader” in a search bar, you’ll get a thousand different results by all sorts of people. Countless numbers of books have been written about leadership, and the kinds of advice you’ll receive may or may not pertain to your f…