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Business Profit Calculator

Business Profit Calculator -  ActionCOACH
How well is your business performing? Do you know how profitable your business is? Use this business profit calculator tool to help determine your business valuation. Consider your lead generation process – do you measure where your leads come from, and how valuable they are? Just fill in the details and one of the ActionCOACH team will get back to you with your business profit figures. But don’t just look at the number, think about the other business tools that you could be using to increase your profitability.
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How Does Your Business Create Leads?

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What Is Your Average Sale?
How Does Your Business Nurture Client Relationships?

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Thank-you Cards
Thank-you Cards
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To ensure we cover the areas that are most important to you in your complimentary coaching session, simply select your top 5 priorities from the following list...
A strategy to compel my former and inactive customers to buy again and again from me.
The most effective and unique sales appeal for my product or service to place me head and shoulders above the competition.
A system which recruits the right person for the role 70% of the time.
A referral system that turns my customers into my best sales people.
A step-by-step marketing plan to increase my sales and profits and free up my time and energy into other areas.
More sales from incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
More customer-focused advertising copy to attract customers, new and old, to my business.
An irresistible direct mail campaign that will turn my mailbox into an unexpected profit centre.
Inspiration and motivation for me and my team to really put into place strategies that will get things going.
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