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proactive & reactive

Taking A Pro-Active Approach

A proactive strategy in a business involves anticipating changes in both your market and your competitors well before they actually happen. Pro-active management is practiced by successful entrepreneurs all over the world, and it can be a powerful tool for success in the right hands. By taking a pro…

party people communication

Which Key Elements Are Present in Every Small Business Success Story?

It is the dream of most entrepreneurs to hear that their business has become the “next big thing” in the eyes of its customers. For most business owners, this is the single driving force behind everything that they do. All of the long work weeks, sleepless nights, stress-filled days, and…

customer service

How to Turn Angry Customers Into Happy Ones

Every business owner worth their salt knows the value of a happy customer. The saying “the customer is always right” is often misunderstood – it doesn’t mean that customers can get away with saying and doing anything. What it means is that if your customers tell you you’…

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Ten Keys to Customer Loyalty

The goal when creating customer is to give your customers an unexpected positive experience that keeps you and your product at the top of their mind. Your goal is to have a frequent interaction with the customer, so when the time arrives for them to purchase your product again, they will think about…

reaching goals

Reaching Goals Requires Solid, Prioritized Planning

Any success-oriented entrepreneur understands that success doesn’t just happen. It requires a willingness to take risks, financial sacrifice, an incredible amount of hard work, and perhaps most importantly of all, the creation and execution of a well-devised plan to make their dreams a reality…

The Three Steps

The Three Steps of the Customer Buying Cycle

The Three Steps of the Customer Buying Cycle A common misconception with a lot of people is that business transactions are simple affairs: customers express interest in something, they buy, and then they leave. This is a vast oversimplification of what is actually at work. Business majors and entrep…

Improving Cash Flow: 6 Keys to Success

Improving Cash Flow: 6 Keys to Success

Improving Cash Flow: 6 Keys to Success Cash flow improvement has been made a mystery over time, and has become elusive for many business owners. However, there are just 6 Keys to improving your cash flow in any business. This means you only need to focus on 6 areas of your business to make a […]

Time Management

Time Management Rules of a Millionaire

Time Management Rules of a Millionaire What if we said there was a single habit that led to success? Yes, one. Seriously, though. Just one. It’s time management. It’s the ultimate skill that everyone needs — regardless of your industry or position. And the single most skill that most of us fal…

Tips to Inspire

8 Tips to Inspire Your Small Business Team

8 Tips to Inspire Your Small Business Team Often times in the workplace, employees strive not just to be heard — but to find purpose in their efforts. Small business owners, managers, and those in leadership roles are faced with the challenge of making their team feel more secure. It can be easy t…


Save Yourself… From a Recipe for Distraction

Save Yourself… From a Recipe for Distraction It doesn’t matter who you are or what your position is at work, we’re all subject to a constant flow of potential distractions while we’re working.  Some may be short, and some we seemingly wake up from and ask, “Where did the day go!”  …