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Ready for GDPR

Are You Ready For GDPR?

On May 25, 2018, the European Union will begin to implement what is known as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This set of laws will likely prove to be one of the most robust and wide-reaching consumer protection regulations enacted anywhere in the world

customer relation management

Making a Customer Relation Management (CRM) System Work For You

If you’re not familiar with that CRM software does, it’s specifically designed to help facilitate and improve the communication and relationships between you and your clients. CRM software can do a wide variety of different tasks depending on which one you buy; common uses for a CRM syst…


Ratings: Five Actions You Can Take to Ensure You Are Rated Well

Ratings: Five Actions You Can Take to Ensure You Are Rated Well I was lucky enough to attend the British Excellence Forum with a group of clients at Celtic Manor a couple of weeks ago. There were some excellent speakers there covering many aspects of business. I decided that I would use one of thes…

Customer Communication

11 Ways to Double Your Customer Base in 4 Weeks

Some business owners scoff when I suggest it’s possible to double one’s customer base in a single month, but I honestly believe it’s because most set their expectations too low. For some reason, people seem to only expect growth in line or slightly about the rate of inflation, so they believe …


Say Goodbye To Your Worst Clients

You’ll always get the customers you’re willing to accept. You may think that any paying customer is a customer worth having, but I’d argue that some customers are more trouble than they’re worth. There are some who actually cost you money every time you deal with them. The 80:20 rule (also c…


Coming Up With an Effective Customer Relationship Management Strategy

Customer relationship management is a very important aspect that all business owners should consider seriously and look for ways to improve in. A good customer relationship management strategy will help to increase your sales while ensuring that your store or business has a repeat clientele. This ca…


4 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

Many businesses fail to realize the importance of customer service for business growth. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Their satisfaction has a direct effect on your sales and the profitability of your business. Thus, effective customer service determines if the business will con…