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Leading with a Positive Mindset

You are bombarded with bad and negative news and images more than ever before. From TV programs and news broadcasts to the endless updates and notifications pinging your smart phones, it makes it hard to avoid negativity from seeping into your mindset. Negative thinking and a ‘glass half empty’ …

Leadership In Action.

The definition of leadership has long been debated but it is something you know when you see it or experience it. Leadership in times of crisis for a business is critical so that organizations experience as little disruption as possible. Whatever the external factors or circumstances are, strong, co…

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The Top Three Benefits of Team Building Activities and Ideas

Offering team building activities and ideas for employees can prove to be highly beneficial for any workplace. Employers should actively seek methods to increase job satisfaction through developing employee communication skills, confidence, generation of new ideas, and connections with other employe…


How to Keep Your Team Engaged

How to Keep Your Team Engaged You can hire people, you can fire people, and you can tell them what to do. What you can’t do is make them like what they do. Some business leaders are content with having an unhappy team; as long as they do what they are paid to do then […]

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Fostering a Positive Business Image and Culture

How you conduct yourself in the business world has real-world ramifications on how potential customers perceive you. Large corporations collectively spend billions of dollars curating an image that encourages people to spend their hard-earned money on what they’re selling. With the emergence o…

Managing Teams

Things to Avoid When Managing Your Team

Things to Avoid When Managing Your Team I’m sure everybody reading this article knows somebody who can regale you with tales of a nightmarish boss. You might even be that person. Power trips, backstabbing, favoritism – some bosses, intentionally or unintentionally, purposefully pit their…