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Company Culture

Company Culture – How to Cultivate the Right Kind for Your Business

Company Culture – How to Cultivate the Right Kind for Your Business Certain industries are notorious for the kind of company culture that they cultivate. Hedge funds on Wall Street are known for fostering an extreme form of cut-throat competitiveness (not unlike what is depicted in The Wolf o…

does company culture matter?

Does Company Culture Matter?

Does Company Culture Matter? When you begin the search for a new job, you’ll typically look for certain qualities: salary, benefits, location, and so forth. Salary is perhaps the most dominant of these, as many people will commonly pass over or apply for a job simply based on what that number …


The Importance of Team Engagement in the Work Place

Is your team fully engaged? Here are some scary details about team engagement in the workplace… I was shocked to read a recent set of findings on team engagement in the workplace. They showed that in Western Europe only 14% of those surveyed who were employees of an organisation considered t…


6 Ways to Build a Winning Team

I’m often asked by business owners about how to get their employees working together and heading in the same direction. The answer lies in investing time and effort into building a strong team. Here are six ways to do just that: Focus on strong leadership. Poor leadership will usually result in po…


3 Most Popular Team Building Exercises for Work

Team building exercises in a workplace are essential as they help create a productive, motivated, and an inspired environment. The real question is what do you expect to achieve from these activities? Do you believe that team building activities can lead to better communication skills and efficiency…