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What is this about?

Coaching for a cause is a far-reaching, global pro bono coaching program that helps non-profits increase their top-level goals and better manage their funds through a simple pledge system. It is designed to bring the proven and systemized business-building methodology ActionCOACH uses to help for-profit business owners run better companies to the non-profit sector of your community.

Why do you do this?

The goal of the Coaching for a Cause program is to help individual non-profits increase their donations, raise more funds and build better communities by improving their operations, building better teams and generating more donor leads.

How does it work?

This is done through a combination of programs that are part of the ActionCOACH suite of systems and strategies – programs that have helped build more successful and profitable businesses all over the world.

The Board

Meet the people who made this possible

Shane Leavitt


Walter Carey



Their role is to educate fellow Franchise Partners within their region on the duties and expectations associated specifically with the CFC initiative.

Fredy Gutierrez

Americas Region

Warren Hill

Europe, Middle-East, & Africa (EMEA)

Asia Pacific



This team of the board is responsible for maintaining and accounting those registered in Coaching-for-a-Cause within their Region

Christian Blanco

Americas Region

Ümit Koşkan Masalcı

Europe, Middle-East, & Africa (EMEA)

Vincent Quang

Asia Pacific AsiaPAC

Social Media (Publicity)

This team of the board is responsible for content, announcements, and other related information centred on Coaching-for-a-Cause

Vishnu Doerga

Americas Region

Mitali Chopra

Europe, Middle-East, & Africa (EMEA)

Asia Pacific



Ken Zelazny
Coaching for a CAUSE

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