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“Keep your Clients” MasterCLASS for Coaches


Las Vegas, Nevada

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“Keep your Clients” MasterCLASS for Coaches

Join the “Keep your Clients” MasterCLASS for Coaches this November in Las Vegas Nevada.  For more details, please contact us through the form.

What is Brad Sugars’ MasterCLASS?

Securing Your Path to Financial Freedom

Brad will share with you his own formula for success to turn his dreams into reality.  You will learn how he differs from other investors in the way he looks for opportunities.  It is no wonder that Brad has achieved so much wealth at such a young age, and continues to make his money work for him. Get ready to take lots of notes on his way of thinking.

Getting More out of Your Business

Your business should be your cash flow engine.  Working on your business to get more profits and cash is the first priority.  Brad will share with you his proven secrets to building businesses and on global expansion.  How does he attract investors to expand his business in 52 countries (and growing), win top industry awards, and lead the industry on quality & results? What are his rules for buying new businesses & how did he set them up for success and fast returns?

Master the Game of Global Property Investment

Multiply your wealth through property investment … throughout the planet, not just in Indonesia.  Brad will share with you his rules for investing in property and teach you how to make yours.  He will teach you how to select the right types of loans for your investment and how to get out of debt faster and safer.  You will be guided through the 7 Levels of Property Investing and master each level.

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