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Start a Career That Will Last Longer Than This Crisis

Becoming a business coach will help you and those your serve for the long-run. The COVID 19 Global Pandemic is quickly changing all our lives. It will require a steep learning curve and we will have to make massive adjustments to adapt to this new normal. Companies are facing the difficult decision …

Business Ownership. Time to Set Sail

In the midst of a global economic upheaval caused by a viral pandemic, business ownership might not be the first thing you think of, but it might well be a turning point for you professionally and personally. It’s the type of business you choose that can be the difference between long-term success…

The Impact of Franchising on the American Dream

A recent article by Franchise Direct pointed out that owning a franchise is one of the many ways people achieve their version of the American dream. They noted that per the latest statistics, men own 71.9% of franchises while women own 28.1%, and the average franchise owner is between ages 45 to 54.…

Trends in Franchising

Trends in Franchising 2017

Trends in Franchising 2017 As ActionCOACH business coaching celebrates its 20th anniversary in franchising, I would like to revisit the humble beginnings of franchising as a business model and show how franchising has adapted to the needs of both consumers and entrepreneurs alike, making it one of t…


Useful Tips: Going Global with Your Franchise

Useful Tips: Going Global with Your Franchise Franchising your company isn’t the last step towards expanding your business. Going global with your franchise is the last frontier in this case. When your growth has saturated local markets and you have an outlet in nearly every state and city, then i…


What Makes a Franchise Different from a Small Business

A Franchise and small business are both business models that you can own. There are differences between how the two are run, and each has its own set of pros and cons. You might find the idea of operating your own business to be very appealing but there is more leg work required in launching […]

Costly mistakes

Costly Mistakes that a New Franchisee Makes

Costly Mistakes that a New Franchisee Makes Wise people learn from their mistakes. Exceptionally wise people learn from other people’s mistakes. And these mistakes can appear on paper in the form of dollars. Your franchise will definitely come with manuals and training programs. However, as a newb…


Choosing the Best Location for your Franchise

Let’s just assume, for the sake of making a point; that you have opened up a Dunkin Donut drive-thru on the side of a busy road. The outlet looks great. It is bright and visible with a signboard pointing towards it and the location is strategic. The road has a lot of traffic influx and […]


A Simplified Guide to Choosing the Right Franchise for You

So you have decided to go into a franchise business but you don’t know where to start? It is natural to feel overwhelmed when you are at crossroads with a lot of options on the plate. This guide has been compiled to help you make decisions along the way to choosing the perfect fit for […]