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SUCCESS: Luck or Hard Work?

As most celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today, and the word luck gets thrown around, it is interesting to ask yourself a question. Is success a product of luck, chance and out of your control? Or, is it the product of hard work? Surprisingly, many successful people do consider themselves lucky, but th…

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Throughout history, there are stories of inspirational women who demonstrated reliance, strength, and courage. Today on International Women’s Day, lets celebrate some women in business that have paved the way for so many. Entrepreneurship can be a difficult road but for women it is even more chall…

Passion vs. Stress. It’s a Vision Quest.

We all know someone who works long hours, is committed to their work, and finds great joy in what they do. The people we label passionate. We also know people that work late, are fully committed to what they do, but find no joy in what they do. These people we label stressed. It is […]

What is a Host Beneficiary?

In a recent DRIVETime Video segment CEO and Founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars detailed a great lead generating strategy called Host Beneficiary. This unique lead generation approach partners your business with a business that has a like customer type. Consider a high-end clothing boutique and a lux…

A Passion Play

You have a passion of business and you want to own your own someday. You want to be in control of your own destiny and future. To start a business, you need an idea. You need a business plan. You need funding and you need an infrastructure to ensure your business has a solid foundation. […]