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Impossible Concept With Businessman and Wooden Blocks

Overcoming Adversity in Business

As an entrepreneur, you have to learn to overcome adversity without falling to pieces. It’s a skill that is learned and not natural for many. Hey, rejection and failure are hard for everyone. The difference between an entrepreneur and someone else is that an entrepreneur will treat failure as a le…

Smartphone media technology and social network concept

Best Apps for Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, it would be nice if life could hand you an “easy” button. Alas, that’s not how things work. However, there are, in this digital age, a number of mobile apps designed to make your life more streamlined and productive. We’ve profiled the top five below. Pocket The Pocket mo…

A newspaper on a wooden desk - Press Release

How To Write a Press Release

For most, the art of getting media coverage is a mystery. But it all begins with a press release. What is a press release? What information should it include? How do you know what’s news and what isn’t? We’ve got some tips and suggestions on press release writing for business owners below. Ens…

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Creating in Canva

Keeping your social media feeds fresh with content and images that look both polished and new is paramount to creating a substantial following. There are a lot of programs that can assist in creating images for social media, but we recommend Canva. It’s easy to use. Just create a free account and …

Thoughtful indian businesswoman looking away thinking of problem solution

Working with Disengaged Employees

It can be hard to know just how to handle a disengaged employee. They can wreak havoc on a business, not just in lost ROI, but also morale. But there are a few things that leaders can do in an effort to engage someone who was once engaged but is no longer. First, you must […]

Be Prepared

Crafting an Emergency Plan

Emergency situations are unpredictable and quickly evolving. That’s why it’s important for every business to be prepared for managing the situation before the police can arrive. The following are the steps you should follow to create a basic plan: Step One: Establish a method for reporting the i…

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Asking for Online Reviews

Asking customers for business reviews can be uncomfortable.  But when done correctly, it can not just bolster your business but create a lifetime fan. The best way to ask, of course, is in person. A personal request can be incredibly effective, particularly if you know the client you’re asking we…

Elbow injury, the cause of great pain

Identifying Pain Points

In business, we identify the client’s pain point. Then we offer a solution. It’s a pretty basic exchange. But, sometimes, identifying a pain point can cause befuddlement. Remember, unless the potential customer is experiencing some sort of pain point, they are not going to buy your product.   S…

Calm female managing stress at workplace not involved in fights

Recovering from Burn Out

Everyone is juggling so much these days that on occasion, it can be hard to reach deep and find the motivation to do anything other than lay in bed for an extra hour on a Saturday morning. But there are a few tried and proved methods for pulling yourself through such a stint. First, create […]

Find your niche word abstract

Finding Your Niche

Whether you’re a business coach looking to specialize in a specific niche or prospective entrepreneur looking to make a name for yourself, finding the right specialty for you is important for success. But, like anything else, it’s a process. Here’s where to start: 1. Start with YOUR interests.…